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Maquinser 3D Road Show: Sevilla (COIIAOC)

Maquinser 3D Road Show: Sevilla (COIIAOC)

Maquinser Road Show

This Monday October 23rd, Maquinser held at the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Andalusia (COIIAOC ) in Seville, the third edition of the Road Show started in June, focused on explaning to companies the advantages of the Additive Manufacturing offered by HP technology with its 3D HP Jet Fusion 4200 printing system in comparison with the cutting, smart milling and high speed systems of Datron, with its Datron Neo machine and the Smart control system Datron Next.

The more than 20 companies who attended the event, showed great interest in the featured technologies. In the Additive manufacturing area, we welcomed the explanations of Anton Bravo (Maquinser Additive Manufacturing Product Manager and Responsible for the Maquinser Road Show in Spain), accompanied by Jorge Sánchez (Maquinser Additive Manufacturing Specialist) and Jaume Homs (HP Sales Manager), who dedicated much of his presentation to solve all the questions arisen among the companies, when it comes to implement the additive manufacturing technology.


The presentation of Maquinser and Datron Neo was delivered by Rafael Morón (South Area Sales Manager and main organiser of the Sevilla Road Show) and Óscar Villanueva (Maquinser Industrialization Manager).


After the presentations, we could see real examples of models printed by the HP Jet Fusion 4200 and machinings made by Datron Neo.

The Q&A session and the cocktail went on for several hours.

From Maquinser, we would like to thank COIIAOC for its cooperation in organizing the event and providing its facilities.




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