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HS267-III-5AX and HS327-III-5AX are two Swiss type turning centers with B-axis for a bar pitch of 26 and 32 millimeters respectively.

Its B axis, with the rigidity conferred by its double support, one upper and one lower, and a capacity for eight rotary and eight fixed tools, marks the differences with the rest of the machines in its category. Thanks to this rigidity and tool capacity and the possibility of simultaneous milling in 5 axes, not many parts are too complex for HS267/HS327.

The possibility of mounting a conventional swiveling thread tool holder on the B axis is another major feature of this machine, totally eliminating the mechanical adjustment time for the swiveling tool holder inclination, which is now programmed by the B axis inclination.

Up to 22 of its 38 tools can be rotary (in option).

Its bed, with a redesign with respect to the previous version of the machine, has improved its classic rigidity and stability, a point that, added to the power and torque of its heads (5.5 kW in both cases), contributes to a machine with a great capacity for material cutting.

As in the rest of Tsugami’s range, the spindles are built-in liquid-cooled motors, as well as the guidebush which does not incorporate any belts as it is a built-in “direct drive” type motor. This makes the transition between guidebush and guidebushless operations, and the adjustment can be made in less than 15 minutes.

Additional information

Max. barstock diameter (mm)

Ø26 (HS267-III-5AX) / Ø32 (HS327-III-5AX)

Guide bushing max. machining length (mm)


Max. machining length

50 (HS267-III-5AX) / 70 (HS327-III-5AX)

Max. number of tools


Number of axes

6 + EJE B

Spindle Speed (rpm)

10.000 (HS267-III-5AX) / 8.000 (HS327-III-5AX)

Back Spindle Speed (rpm)

10.000 (HS267-III-5AX) / 8.000 (HS327-III-5AX)

Spindle motor (kW)

3,7 / 5,5

Back spindle motor (kW)



FANUC 31i-B5



Width x Depth x Height (mm)

2630 x 1280 x 2010

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