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Matsuura H.Plus 500

Matsuura 4 Axis Horizontal Machining Center G-Tech 31i

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Additional information

Movement and Ranges

B Axis: 360º, X Axis: 800 mm, Y Axis: 800 mm, Z Axis: 800 mm


Loading capacity: 750 kg, Max. workpiece size: Ø850 mm x H1050 mm, Working surface: 500 mm x 500 mm


Max. torque: 451 Nm, Power: 15-22-26 kW (low) / 15-30-30 kW (high), Speed: 12000 rpm


Feedrate B: 100 rpm, Feedrate X/Y/Z: 60000 mm/min


Max. tool diameter: Ø110 mm/ Ø230 mm/ Ø320 mm, Pullstud type: JIS B 6339 50P, Tool shank type: JIS B 6339 50T, Max. tool length: 500 mm, Max. Tool Number : 60 tools, Max. tool weight : 20 Kg


Number of pallets: 2

Dimensions & Weight

3077 mm x 5140 mm x 3127 mm (W X L X H), Weight: 15000 kg


Matsuura G-Tech-31i

Standard accesories

Auto grease supply, Chip Conveyor, Intelligent Protection System, IPC Function, MIMS

Optional accessories

ATC 60/61 tools (HSK-A100, drum magazine), ATC 61 tools (BT50, drum magazine), ATC for up to 209 tools (HSK-A100, Matrix magazine), ATC for up to 209 tools (Matrix magazine), ATC for up to 245 tools (Matrix magazine), Spindle 12000 rpm (HSK-A100), Spindle 15000 rpm (BT50), Spindle 15000 rpm (HSK-A100)

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