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Matsuura Cublex-35

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Additional information

Movement and Ranges

B Axis: +65º~-125º, C Axis: 360º, X Axis: 550 mm, Y Axis: 440 mm, Z Axis: 580 mm


Loading capacity: 60 kg, Max. workpiece size: Ø350 mm x H315 mm, Working surface: Ø130 mm


Max. torque: 167 Nm, Power : 7.5 – 11 Kw, Speed: 12000 rpm, Type of Spindle Taper: HSK-A63W (ICTM)


Feedrate B: 50 rpm, Feedrate C: 200 mm (Milling) / 3000 mm (Turning), Feedrate X/Y/Z: 60000 mm/min


Max. tool diameter: Ø80 mm – Ø150 mm, Max. tool length: 350 mm, Max. tool number: 60 tools (chain magazine), Tool shank type: HSK-A63W (ICTM), Max tool weight : 10 Kg


Number of pallets: 2

Dimensions & Weight

5586 mm x 3193 mm x 3250 mm (W x L x H), Weight: 12300 kg (PC2/ATC 60) / 15900 KG (PC32/ATC 330)


Fanuc 31i

Standard accesories

Auto grease supply, Intelligent Protection System, IPC Function, MIMS, Spiral chip conveyor

Optional accessories

ATC for up to 330 tools (Matrix magazine), ATC for up to 530 tools (Matrix magazine), Number of palets: 32 (tower system/1 work station), Number of palets: 38 (tower system/2 work station), Number of palets: 40 (tower system/1 work station), Number of palets: 47 (tower system/1 work station), Number of palets: 49 (tower system/1 work station), Number of palets: 60 (tower system/1 work station), Spindle 15000 rpm/HSK-A63W (auto grease)/7.5-12 kW(Low) ~ 7.5-15 kW(High)/135 Nm, Spindle 20000 rpm/HSK-A63W (auto grease)/11-15 kW(Low) ~ 15-18.5 kW(High)/108.4 Nm

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