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Maquinser Awarded As “Best Sales” By Matsuura

Maquinser awarded as “Best Sales” by Matsuura

Last Sunday 17th, Maquinser was awarded as “Best Sales” of the year 2017 by Matsuura. Mr. Katsu Matsuura (President of Matsuura) presented the award to Mr. Postigo and Mr.Porto, president and vicepresident of Maquinser, respectively.
The event, celebrated in Hannover (Germany), was attended by all the Matsuura worlwide dealers, and fired the starting signal of the EMO 2017 exhibition.



On Tuesday, in another event organized By Muratec, Maquinser was congratulated again and received a commemorative plaque form the hands of Mr. Murata to mark the more than 300 machines sold by Maquinser.


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