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Maquinser & 3D Maquinser Road Show

Maquinser & 3D Maquinser Road Show

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The first two editions of the Maquinser Road Show held in Granollers (Barcelona) and Elgoibar (Guipúzkoa) concluded with the visit of more than 50 companies interested in getting to know and discovering the advantges and utilities of two of the latest technologies incorporated by Maquinser & 3D Maquinser.

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The attendants had the opportunity to listen to the explanations of Anton Bravo, 3D Maquinser director, who talked about additive manufacturing technology. On one hand, he presented the technology offered by Matsuura with the Lumex Advance Series and the metal sintering and milling hybrid machines, Lumex Avance-25 and Lumex Avance-60. On the other hand, he also talked about HP’s latest technology in 3D printing. The presentation about additive manufacturing concluded with the intervention of Jaume Homs (HP Sales Manager), who went into detail about HP Multi Jet Fusion technology, as well as he solved questions arisen among the attendants.

Carles Jiménez (Catalonia office director) and Jordi Bescós (Catalonia office) at the Maquinser central offices, and Pedro Zapata (North office director) at the Machine Tool Institute ( IMH) described the machine tool specifications in Maquinser, and the advantages of Datron Neo os hablaron de las características de la máquina herramienta en Maquinser, y las ventajas de Datron Neo in relation to other competitors and technologies.

Finally, we had a talk conducted by two customers of Maquinser, who have taken the step towards the additive manufacturing in their companies, and they could explain first hand the advantages and differences experimented when implementing the HP’s latest technology.

At the central offices of Granollers, the attendants also had the opportunity to see a demonstration about the differences between the smart milling, carried out by Datron Neo, and the additive manufacturing, with the HP 3D Multi Jet Fusion technology, producing the same workpiece with both technologies.


We will resume the Maquinser Road Show after holidays, the dates will be confirmed in the next few weeks, but if you want to get to know us or visit our Showroom, where you can see the HP Jet Fusion 4200, do not hesitate to contact us.

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